Feed the Orphans

​Delivering food supplies to orphanages in need

The Sewing for Hope Project is a sewing and tailoring course that provides young widows with the skills necessary to make children's clothing and sell them at fair market prices.

Upon completion of the one-year course the students will be able to fully operate a sewing and serge  machine, to design and execute sewing patterns, and to make high quality children's clothing.

Twelve widows have enrolled in the first phase of this project with unmatched enthusiasm. Books and materials have been provided for each of them as well as scissors, rulers, and other sewing notions.

We have hired Ana Maria Vasquez, a graduate from the University of Guatemala with a degree in Sewing and Design to be our teacher for this project. Maria implements the curriculum with great love and oversees the overall progress of each individual student in a way that is both encouraging and supporting.

For more information about this project or how you can help, please send us a call or send us an email.  

Orphan children are the very heart of our ministry.  When we help to supply their basic needs of food we are responding to God's calling to be their helper.

We help to alleviate their situation by providing three orphanages with rice, oil, milk, Incaparina ( high calorie protein cereal ), sugar, pasta, and beans.  Many times we have found empty barrels of food in the pantry during our trips to these orphanages.  Since government support is scarce, our help is truly appreciated.  

As our ministry grows we would like to deliver food supplies on a more regular basis so that no single child goes to bed hungry.

​​​ Our programs reflect our love and commitment.  We have helped hundreds of children in need and continue to do so to the full glory of God.

With a budget of three thousand dollars and a partnership with INTECAP (Technical Training Institute), the Manicure and Gel Nail course for girls has begun at Casa Bernabe Orphanage in Guatemala. This course, which will end on May 2018, will offer all the skills and the certification the girls need to work at any beauty salon in the country.

Our directors in Guatemala Jorje and Thelma de Paiz meet weekly with the students and supervise all aspect of the course. Upon completion of this course, Casa Bernabe Orphanage helps students obtain jobs or continue their education.

manicure and Gel Nail Course

Sewing for Hope Project

Empowering Women through Career Training